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Since few years now, the types of accommodation facilities have increased a lot and has forced the institutions to create special regulatory laws.

Usually, customers are not totally aware about all the small and large differences that are imposed on the various different kind.

Let’s try to make help you in this field hoping you’ll have a clearer idea about.

Hotel and hotel accommodation facilities (Hotels, Motels, Hotel Village, Tourist Residence, Scattered Hotel, Hotel Residence, B&B in entrepreneurial form, Health Residences / Beauty farm).

Non-hotel accommodation facilities (Guest houses, B&Bs in a non-entrepreneurial form, Holiday homes, Housing units for tourist use, Residences, Youth hostels, Accommodation activities in catering establishments, Accommodation in the field of agritourism, Accommodation activities in rural residences, Forestry for tourists, Study centers for studies, Period residences outside the hotel, Alpine refuges, Hiking huts).

As you can see, there are many types and we do not want to bore you further with the list of Outdoor accommodation facilities and Straight Support Properties.

The classification of accommodation facilities is a regional legislative competence. This implies, for example, that potentially a motel in Rome has a different definition than than one located in Palermo.

Almost all regions (if not all) were inspired by Article 8 of the Tourism Code (Legislative Decree 79/2011) despite has being repealed.

Our property City Garden is actually classified as Guest House

The guest house is defined by law (n.217 of 1983) as that accommodation facility consisting of no more than six rooms located in no more than two furnished apartments in the same building in which accommodation and possibly complementary services are provided “.  Some guest houses may, for example, offer a catering service; in this case we can speak of “inn”. If the limit of six rooms is exceeded, the accommodation is considered a hotel

Guest Houses definition of Sardinia Region (Regional law Nr.16/2017): the hospitality accommodation activity and possible service of breakfast managed in no more than six rooms located in a single real estate unit or in no more than two furnished apartments, even if not located in the same building, but at least located no more than 100 meters away from each other, in which accommodation and complementary services are provided, including the cleaning and the replacement of bed linen at least once a week and at any each change of customer. This activity is compulsorily registered in the commercial register.